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Prepare Yourself For A Scenic Canoeing Experience along the Cuyahoga River, In The Lap Of Nature!

Updated: Apr 29

The Upper Cuyahoga River is a recognized American Heritage River. This unspoiled, natural river flows through large marshes and lush, green woodlands in Northeast Ohio. The character of Cuyahoga changes from rural uplands (headwaters) to suburban towns, and to an urban city. It flows 90 miles from north of Burton to downtown Cleveland. The mouth of the Cuyahoga River is a bustling commercial port.

The Upper Cuyahoga River is best experienced by canoe or kayak. Camp Hi can launch couples, groups, or families on a variety of downriver trips. Trips last from one hour to six hours in length. River depths are from four to five feet on average depth upstream from Camp.

The most popular six-and-a-half-mile trip from 422 to Camp Hi lasts from two to four hours. There is a fun ripple area through Hiram Rapids. We host man Canoe Groups In Northeast Ohio. The river is class 1 level (easy with little navigation). This stretch is full of scenic beauty, birds, and wildlife. Watch for Blue Herons, and beaver lodges along the banks. (there were 7 last year).

The Five-mile trip starts at Camp Hi and ends in the town of Mantua. The average water depth is 2-3 feet. This trip flows primarily through woodlands with a few bridges and homes along the way. Lasting an average of 2 hours, this trip has more shade and has a few riffles. This is the best family canoe trip in Ohio.

The two-mile trip is a favorite for first-time paddlers and children. Lasting an hour with easy paddling, Camp Hi returns paddlers to their car.

The longest trip is 11 miles long and starts at St. 422 with a finish in Mantua. A day on the river lasts from 5 to 7 hours. Bring sunglasses, a hat, water, and food. Relax, unwind, and settle down for the long day.

Start your trip with outfitting at our Camp office!

The store at our camp base is 122274 Abbott Rd. Hiram, Ohio has most of your needs.

Camp Hi staff will check in paddlers and assist with paddle and life jacket selection.

Water, drinks, chips, t-shirts, and other merchandise are for sale. There is a selection of bags and totes for phones. Along with hats, glasses, and souvenirs.

Trip instructions are given with information on locations of put-in and take-out.

Know where you are going!


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