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A Must-Read Guide To Make Your Family Canoe Trip Safe!

Updated: Apr 29

Paddling down the river on those summer days is one of the amazing times. It gives more fun, relaxation, and unforgettable memories. However, if you are looking for a safe family canoe trip in Ohio, Camp Hi Canoe & Kayak can be the right place for you.

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A canoe trip is an activity that promotes teamwork, the acquisition of numerous outdoor skills, and effective communication.

In addition, paddling down the river is unsurprising for families worldwide to take to the rivers. But, before anything, the first thing that comes to mind is river safety; as you know, that river comes with its own wave of nuances. However, we provide you with a professional sternman who knows all the rules of paddling down the river safely and having more fun.

Below we discuss some tips that will help you be safe on the river:

Know The River And Your Route!

Before knowing anything, the first thing that you should know is the river. It means knowing the entry and exit points, if there is any white water, how it needs to be navigated, and being aware of what is coming and what attention you need to pay. There is nothing like that; you don’t know the spot on the river or the section where the river moves. Instead, you are familiar with how the river runs. Also, consider how the river flows; it will help you make your canoe trip enjoyable and safe.

Double Check Vessel Adequacy!

Once you understand the river route, it is crucial to know the suitability of your proposed vessel. Nothing is new to seeing inflatables on rivers that should be navigated by plastic, fiberglass, or wooden canoe. A canoe with a keel is suitable for flat water paddling, as you would on a lake. But, ensure it is not ideal for downriver as it is more likely to flip. Whenever you rent or buy a canoe, ensure you check its suitability for downriver excursions. It is best to have a safe family canoe trip in Ohio.

Ensure You Wear Proper Fitted Lifejackets!

Before sitting on the canoe, ensure everyone has a properly fitted life jacket. It doesn’t matter the level of swimmer or comfort with the water; everyone needs to be in a fitted lifejacket. And if there are kids with you, make sure the size of the life jacket is not big, like it slipping over the head. Lifejact is one of the powerful things that will keep you safe.

Take Frequent Breaks!

To make your river time more enjoyable, take frequent breaks. It is the best time to play and refuel. Taking a break is more helpful for the kids, as it helps them be enthusiastic about paddling. Also, make sure you drink plenty of water and eat enough to stay hydrated and energized.

Final Words!

Vacation is one of the most beautiful times of everyone’s life, as it gives you the opportunity to relax, have fun, and collect more memories. However, if you are planning a family canoe trip in Ohio, reach out to us at Camp Hi Canoe & Kayak.


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