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Flow On Cuyahoga!

Updated: Apr 29

This time of year, I often reflect on the importance of our river. From year to year, season to season, the Cuyahoga river moves quietly through our lives. This river surrounds us with beauty and gives value to northeast Ohio. The Upper Cuyahoga was designated a State Scenic River in 1974. This 23-mile stretch of river is a premier place to paddle in northeast Ohio. The Upper Cuyahoga River is an example of what a clean, healthy river means to everyone; it's a place of unspoiled nature and great beauty.

The Cuyahoga river is one of the most important rivers in the United States. This diverse river set up changes for our country. Did you know the extreme pollution downriver in Cleveland got the attention of the media and our country? This pollution crisis brought forth action from our leaders. 1972 was the year congress passed the Clean Water Act, establishing standards for clean surface water. We all can enjoy these protections.

In 1928 my grandfather started Camp Hi along the banks of the Upper Cuyahoga River in Hiram, Ohio. Camp Hi Canoe and Kayak has been a caretaker of the river and provided access for others to enjoy this wonderful river since 1966. 2022 is a great year to paddle this important river. Come out and spend river time with us.


- Kendra

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